​Page won't show correctly? Try a hard refresh.

If you've ever encountered issues with your browser, such as a webpage not loading properly or outdated content still displaying, then a hard refresh can often solve the problem.

Updated 1 week ago by Callum

​When will my RSS feed update?

Find out how often your episodes sync and issues that may occur with syncing.

Updated 1 month ago by Callum

​How to fix video upload issues

Why do videos fail to upload? How can you fix them? Find out more in this article.

Updated 4 weeks ago by Callum

​Which currencies does SupaPass support?

Our supported currencies, and how to request additional currencies.

Updated 3 months ago by Callum

Text is greyed out/unreadable

Why does my text look like that? Sometimes you may visit a page on your website and see dark text on a dark background. This can happen when your default theme is dark and you paste text from one pla…

Updated 6 months ago by Callum

Do you support other languages?

New Beta feature: Set up SupaPass in your own language

Updated 1 month ago by Callum

Customizing emails sent from SupaPass

Find out your options for sending emails from your own email address.

Updated 1 month ago by Christine

Website Builder stuck on "Loading Preview" message

Why does the Website Builder say "Loading Preview" and not finish loading?. The most likely cause of the Website Builder to not loading correctly is that your browser is blocking required cookies. Th…

Updated 11 months ago by Sven

Why won't my podcast episodes display cover art in the dashboard?

First off, there's no need to worry if podcast artwork isn't showing for each episode in the dashboard. As long as there is a List cover image set your users will see your usual artwork. Read on to f…

Updated 3 months ago by Christine

Why isn't my video available immediately?

Video taking a long time to upload or publish? Find out how to manage transcoding times.

Updated 1 month ago by Callum

How do I create my podcast?

Will SupaPass help me create my podcast? Great question! SupaPass is the tech you need to create a world-class app and website for all of your content. Think of SupaPass as the online home for your c…

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