Promotional codes, discounts, and unique invitation links

Creating discount codes on Stripe

You can create codes to give your customers special discounts on your content, these discounts are handled solely through Stripe, so before you set up coupons you need to have your Stripe account con…

Updated 5 months ago by Christine

Creating access codes

Setting up the code template. You can use SupaPass access codes if you want to provide free access to your content to a customer without taking their payment information, if you’re charging them manu…

Updated 1 year ago by Callum

Unique Invitation Links

What are unique code links? Unique invitation links are urls that, when clicked by a user, automatically validate an access code for paid content. This means that new users only need to complete thei…

Updated 2 years ago by Callum

Group License

What is Group License? Group licenses allow you to give free access to a group of individuals that share the same email domain. This is useful if your customers are organisations that have many users…

Updated 1 year ago by Callum