The Website Builder Jotform will ask you for information about the purpose of your website, what you want it to do, what you want it to say and how you want it to look. 

What is the name of your App?

Write the name of your app, so we know who you are!


What Email Address can we contact you at?

If we need any further information, we'll email you at this address.



What are your objectives for the landing page?

Here you'll be able to select as many options as you want so you can tell us the purpose of your website's landing page. There are many options here, make sure to select the ones that make sense for your Website. 

If you select Other, you'll be given the option to write in your own objective if it hasn't already been listed.

CTA - Call To Action

A Call-To-Action (CTA) is a phrase that’s used to tell the user exactly what action to take and how to take it. This can be as simple as two words (“Subscribe Now”) or a sentence or two (“Love our podcast? Subscribe now to never miss an episode!”). The button allows you to take your users exactly where you want them to go.

Main marketing message

In this section you'll be asked to write out the main marketing message for your primary call-to-action button. This will inform the user before they get to the CTA button and will usually be placed near the top of the page. 

We recommend something short and informative that catches the user's attention or explains simply what/who your website is for ("Excellent Service at Affordable Prices" or "The Podcast for _______ Professionals).

Main call-to-action for your customers

Here is where you can write the text that will be displayed on the CTA buttons themselves. 

We recommend keeping this text as brief as possible as the buttons dynamically expand to fit the size of the text. Something like "Subscribe Now" or "Listen to the Podcast" fits well and clearly informs the user where they will go when they click the buttons.

Where do you want the call-to-action button to go?

Please provide the link/suggested area where you want this main CTA button to go. 

At this point, you might not know exactly where things in your SupaPass Web-App may be and thats fine! Just tell us the general area that you'd like the button to lead. For example, you might want your users to go to the subscription page, or the audio collection for your podcast, in which case just let us know that in the text field.

You can also link to an external website if you provide us the URL.



Hero Image

In the upload box we'll ask you to upload a Hero Image. 

A hero image is a large web banner image, prominently placed on a web page, generally in the front and centre. This image will display near the top of your landing page and will usually be used as a background image to your main text and CTA buttons.

Please upload a 1920x1080 resolution JPG or PNG image that has no background text and is no bigger than 10 Megabytes.

We recommend that a hero image be focussed in the centre for best compatibility. If you need help finding good hero images, we recommend using Unsplash for high-quality, royalty-free stock images.

More Images

In this upload box we'll ask you to upload more imagery thats relevant to your app. 

We recommend adding a few more hero images, as well as any imagery that you feel is important to your branding. This can be promotional images (Podcast covers, images of your product, banners, etc), pictures of your team or even simple colour swatches for use in making backgrounds.

Please upload JPG or PNG images that are no bigger than 10 megabytes

Logo Image

Please upload a wide JPG or PNG image of your app's logo if you have one. This will be used in the top left corner of your website at all times and used as a menu button that takes the user back to the landing page.


Promotional Text

If you already have a website and want to replicate either the text or style from it, please put the links to those websites in the boxes provided.

We will take all the best parts of your existing websites and reimagine them on the SupaPass platform.


Marketing Copy

In this rich-text editor, you'll be asked to provide the marketing text you would like included on your page. This could be a series of promotional headlines (recommended), full sentences, bullet points.  We recommend NOT using paragraphs for the best design.



Here you'll be able to specify what sections you would like your landing page to have, as well as provide the links, quotes and anything we'll need to make your landing page.

What sections would you like on your Landing Page?

From the tick-box list, you can pick what sections you want to have on your landing page. If you select other, you'll be asked to write what other sections you'd like on your landing page.

The options we've listed are the things that our Website builder does best. We recommend picking at least 3 of them to give some variety to your site. If you include the Other option, please bear in mind that we may not be able to accommodate your suggestions.

In the box below, you should add in the various things we'll need to populate the sections of your website. The more information you can provide, the better we can tailor your landing page to your needs.



To get a feel for your branding, we ask you to choose some options for the look of your landing page. You'll be able to change the colour of your app and website from within the CMS on the Branding tab.

You can choose from:

  • Square or Rounded buttons
  • Solid or Transparent buttons
  • Sans-Serif or Serif font
  • Light or Dark Theme.

These are just for the initial set up, you'll be able to customise the look of your app and website within CMS once we've made the first draft of your landing page.



In the last part of the Jotform, you'll be asked if there is anything you would like to add before submitting the form. Take your time to think about if all the needs of your website have been met. 

Its always helpful for us to know as much as possible about the objectives for your site so we can help get you started.


Finishing the form

When you've completed the form, click Submit at the end of the form to send it over to us. We'll get started on it as soon as possible. If we think there is something missing from your Jotform, we'll send you an email asking for clarification.