Upload multiple files

Whether you're just getting started or have new content for your app, Media Library is the best place to upload multiple files at once before creating several pieces of content.

How to upload media to your app within the SupaPass Admin page:


1. Select 'Media Library' from the left menu.

2. Click the 'Upload' button

3. Select or drag a file into the uploader. This can be an image, an audio file or a video file.*


Wait for the file to upload, you'll see a tick to the right of the file along with a green, full loading bar. If there you instead see a warning triangle instead of a tick, most likely something has gone wrong and the file has not been uploaded successfully. Please contact support@supapass.com and send us the file you're having issues with.

With that, your content is now uploaded!



  • Be aware that only certain formats will be accepted.
  • For images we use .jpg and .png files
  • Be aware that .png files are usually very large, please change them to .jpg or lower the filesize.
  • For audio files we use .mp3 and .wav format
  • For video files we use .mp4, m4v and WebM formats.
  • You can only upload 10 files at a time.

Delete a file

To delete a file, open the Media Library and click the trash can icon.

A box will then appear to confirm your selection, click Delete to remove the file from the Media Library.

You can delete any file that is not currently in use.