What are coupons for?

Stripe allows you to create coupons to discount your products on the web app. Coupons are handled entirely through Stripe, which means they can only be handled through your Stripe account and redeemed through the web app. Before setting up a coupon you will need to have set up a Stripe account and used the Stripe Connect button in the CMS.

Looking to give free access without taking payment details? Try using codes instead!


How to set up a coupon

  1. Log in to Stripe
  2. From the left menu, click 'Products' and then 'Coupons'
  3. Above the table of coupons, click the 'New' button.
  4. Give the coupon an appropriate name and ID.
  5. Select the type of discount - percentage or fixed.
  6. The coupon applies to all your products by default unless you choose to 'Apply to specific products'.
  7. Set a duration for the coupon. 'Forever' will apply the coupon to every bill, or you can set the coupon to only apply just once or to a certain number of months.
  8. Choose to set any limitations on your coupons such as a limit on the number of times the coupon can be used.