Importing your podcast


Search for your podcast

  • From the left-menu under ‘Content’, click ‘RSS Import’.
  • Find your podcast by typing the name into the first box and selecting from the dropdown menu.
  • Click on your podcast name to load the importer.


Import the podcast

  • Select whether the podcast you are importing is an Audio or Video podcast.
  • Select how many downloads you normally get (if known)
  • The podcast will be added to your paid bundle by default, choose whether to change this or add to additional bundles.
  • Ready to publish is ticked by default, if you are not ready for the podcast to go live on your website and app you can untick this and publish later from the collection view.
  • Click Import to begin importing the podcast.

Once the import is complete, click ‘Continue’ and you will be redirected to the new podcast collection.


Importing your blog

  1. Select the blog tab from the RSS Importer.
  2. Enter the blog’s RSS feed URL.
  3. Select any bundles you want the blog to be part of.
  4. Your new collection is set to publish by default, untick if you do not want the blog to go live just yet.
  5. Click import.
  6. Once the import is complete click ‘Continue’ to be redirected to the new Article collection.