Push notifications are a great feature that you can use to boost your subscriber engagement by letting them know when new content is out for them to view. If you don’t currently have push notifications set up please contact success@supapass.com for more information.

Preparing to receive preview notifications

Before sending your first push notification you will need to log in to your app on a mobile device using the same login credentials that you use for CMS. This is because push notifications have a build in preview feature that will send an initial message just to your device, allowing you to check how the notification will look to your users on a real device!

Once you’ve logged in to your device please exit the app or lock your device - push notifications do not appear when the app is open.

At this stage we encourage you to become familiar with the Apple App Store Review Guidelines and Google Play Store Developer Content Policy before sending any push notifications.


Sending a push notification

1. Log in to the SupaPass CMS.

2. From the left menu, click ‘Notifications’.

3. If you have not already done so, please become familiar with the Apple App Store Review Guidelines and Google Play Store Developer Content Policy before sending your first push notification.


4. Enter a title for your notification (50 characters or fewer)

5. Enter a message 3-280 characters long to be sent as a push notification. You can also add emojis from the emoji picker!

6. Select an audience for your notification. You can select specific types of user.

7. Press preview. There should be a preview come through to your device. After 20 seconds you can send the notification out to your users.

Didn't receive a preview to your device? Push notifications will not be received if you have the app open on your device, exit the app or lock your device and try again. If you continue to have issues with push notifications please contact support@supapass.com 



  • Push Notifications work best for highlighting new content releases or exciting updates. We recommend you use notifications sparingly at most once per day, nobody likes to receive too many notifications!
  • Keep your notifications brief and put the most important information first. Whilst you have 280 characters at your disposal only the first few words will appear on the lock screen of most devices. Try to use the first few words to hook your audience into reading more of the notification and opening the app.
  • Once the app is opened, the push notification will disappear from the device.
  • We do not currently support deep linking, so push notifications cannot be used to link to a specific piece of content or to a webpage outside of the app.