Ways to add content

Content is created using the content creation form, which can be accessed in three ways using the SupaPass CMS:

  • Quick post - helping you quickly create content and a collection together from the 'Getting Started' page.
  • From the Content Curation page.
  • From an existing collection page.

If you only have a small selection of content we recommend using Quick Post to get started, but if you have lots of content ready and an idea how it should be organised then we recommend using the Content Curation page.

These instructions show the creation of article content, but the same process can be applied to Audio and Video content. Podcasts will be found alongside your other audio content but are imported differently, please read the guide on importing your podcast for more information.

Will you need to upload multiple files at once? If so, you may find it easier to upload via the media library first.

Quick Post

When you log in and open your channel, the first page you will see is the 'Getting Started' page. At the top of the page there are 3 quick post options for the different content types that we support: Audio, Video and Article.

Click the content type you need to start creating content.



Creating content from Content Curation

The Content Curation tab is where all of your content can be found in a single place. If you haven't created any content yet you will be greeted with a button to create your first piece of content. Click this button at any time to create a piece of content from the Content Curation Page, you will have the option to create a new collection for the content, or to add to an existing collection.

Creating content from a collection

You can also create content from an existing collection by navigating to a collection, then clicking 'create content'.

Creating from a collection has the same options as Quick Post, but uses the existing collection by default instead of creating a new collection.


Content creation

First give your content a title and, optionally, a subtitle.

Next add text into the large text box, this will form the body text of an article or the description for a video or audio track. You can type directly into the text box or paste prepared text. Use the formatting features at the top to add emphasis, subheadings, links and lists.

Optional: Below the description/body text box, click the 'Add cover image' button to add a cover image to your article.

Collections and Products

Whilst the file uploads, give the content a title and add an optional description that will appear under the video.

When creating content using Quick Post a new collection will be created by default, toggle this off to select an existing collection.

Choose which products your content will be part of, your paid product is selected by default.

Scheduling & Notifications

Your content will go live by default. If you're not quite ready, you can schedule to publish at a later date.


Optional content fields

Music (Audio only)


Add a credit for yourself, or for anyone else who contributed to the content.


Add lyrics to your content. This features below the description.

Parental Warning and ISRC

Choose to add a parental warning or an ISRC 


There are some optional extra details you can add to your content. These vary

Content Visibility

Choose to make you content invisible without access, meaning only those that purchase a subscription can see it.

Use a teaser title to give a different title to users who don't have access.


Add a credit for yourself, or for anyone else who contributed to the content.

Extra Details

Add a subtitle or and Original Release Date for historical content.