The Content Curation tab contains all of the content of your SupaPass app and is used to organise your content. Content on SupaPass is organised in the following structure:


Your content such as a video, audio track or article. For example, an Article about Apples.




Collections contain one or more pieces of related content. For example, Apples grow on trees so you may want a collection named ‘Fruit Trees’ that includes articles about other fruit that grows on trees.



Your collections will start in the 'Other' category, which contains any collections that you have not assigned to a category. Once you have a few collections why not create some categories to assign them to?

Categories are used as a higher level of organisation to group collections together, this is particularly useful when you have many collections. For example, these collections could be organised into several categories such as 'Fruit' and 'Vegetables'.



If you have not yet created any content the curation screen will be empty, but will show the button ‘Create New’, click the button to create your first piece of content.