First, open up your domain host's DNS settings. For some domain hosts, you may need to open the Advanced DNS Settings option.

From there, you will need to create a new record in the DNS settings. Depending on whether you are pointing your domain or a subdomain to your SupaPass site, please look at the respective instructions below.

To point a domain to a SupaPass site, the client needs to add a record to their DNS settings for the Web Host.

For Domains (

  • Create an A record
  • Add the Name field (The required value of Name could vary from provider to provider. In most cases, you would use @ or It may also not be required, in which case it would be blank.)
  • Change the Value field to add the following IP address:
  • Set the TTL (Time To Live) to as low as possible. (or enter 300 seconds for 5 minutes)

For Subdomains (

  • Create a CNAME record
  • Add the domain prefix in the Name field (app., my., etc)
  • Add the following address to the Points To field: (Points To may also be Value, see the above instructions)
    • If the record requires an IP address, add
  • Set the TTL (Time To Live) to as low as possible. (or enter 300 seconds for 5 minutes)

After making the new domain record, please check on the DNS settings to see that there are no conflicting records. For example, make sure there is only one A record that contains the correct Name field.

Once the record has been made, use to see if the change has been successful. You should see the results being pointed to either or

If the change is successful, contact via email so that they can complete the setup and push the site to live.

The Custom Domain field in the CMS for the channel also needs to be updated to the new domain. Head to the Settings tab in the CMS for your channel to update the Custom Domain.