Categories are a higher level of organisation for your collections. If you have a lot of collections, you can help your users find what they're interested in by grouping together similar collections. We'll use some article collections on the web app as an example, but the same principles apply across other media types and on the mobile apps.

First, take a look at your collections all together. Open up the tab on the web app and look at your collections to get an idea of what your users are seeing and how you could group them. In this example we've got some article collections about trees and some with different transport methods, so we'll create two categories - Trees and Transport.


Log in to the SupaPass CMS and click 'Content Curation' and then click the 'Create Category' button. Give your category an appropriate title and click 'Save'.

You now have your first category. You'll notice that there are categories for all the media types, this is because categories work across all media types so you can group related collections of different types together. The new category you've created doesn't have any collections in it yet, they can be found in the 'Other' category until you assigned them to another one, so your content will always appear on the apps.

Click the edit button next to category you've just made to open it and begin adding collections.


Add collections to your category by clicking the 'Add Collection' button. Use the search bar to find collections and click them to add to your category. Once you're done adding collections, click 'Save'. Repeat by adding your other collections to new categories and remember that any collections that you don't add will be shown in the 'Other' category.