For us to submit your app for review, you'll need to fill in our App Builder form and upload some images so that we have everything we need. 

To get started, log into the Content Management System (CMS) and head to your channel dashboard. When you're there, look to the left side menu for App Builder under the CUSTOMIZE Section. Click it to be taken to the App Builder Form.


You'll be taken to the Detail page where there are several sections that you'll need to fill in. 

App Description for Stores

In this section, you'll need to write the App Description, Short App Description and App Store Subtitle. 

For the App Description, you can write up to 4,000 characters. We recommend that you use this description to describe:

  • What your App is.
  • Who your App is for.
  • Why your audience should download your app.
  • What features your App Provides.
  • Information about what users can expect when they register/subscribe.

Please do not mention COVID-19 in your descriptions as this will cause the app to be rejected when we submit it for review.

For the Short App Description, you can write up to 80 characters. We recommend you put your central marketing message here: something strong, simple and short.

For the App Store Subtitle, you can write up to 30 character. We recommend you put 2-3 words describing your app as simply as possible.


Categories and Keywords

In this section you are able to pick your app's Keywords from a pre-defined list, as well as what category your app belongs to for each store.

Select up to 5 options from the Keyword list that best describe the purpose and function of your app.

You can select 1 Google Play Store Category from the list provided.

You can select a Primary and Secondary Apple App Store Category from the lists provided.



In this section you will be asked to declare what your age rating should be. This will be checked in the App Store review process, so please be truthful in your submissions or this could result in rejection.

In the Rating dropdown list, select the Age Rating that best matches your App's content.

In the Made For Kids section, please state if your App is made for children of a certain age. If your app is not primarily made for children, leave that option on "Not Made for Kids". 

Please be aware that declaring that the app is made primarily for children may mean that the review process takes additional time. Likewise, if you have declared that your content is rated for 18+ audiences, the review process may take longer.


Important Information

In this section, please write the exact name of the company/organisation that you used to register your Apple App Store Developer Account.


Image Assets

At the top of the App Builder page is the option to change tabs to Image Assets. Please upload your image assets here so that we can add these to your apps.


Banner Image

Please upload your App's banner Image here. he image should be a 16:9 landscape image, preferably a .jpg or .png file no bigger than 10MB.


Android Notifications Icon

In this space you can upload a zip file of your Android notification icons in the various sizes that we need.

To make your Android Notification Icon, you can click on the link under "make your own" to be taken to an automatic icon generator. From there you can upload your app/company logo and generate a transparent, monochrome (white) icon in a zip file. You can also select pre-made clip art from the generator and use that if you don't have an icon. 

When you have created your icon, download the zip file from the generator and upload it to the uploader in the Android Notifications Icon field.


When you're finished

Once you've entered all of the above information and images please click the Save Progress button at the bottom of the page. You will be able to edit this information at a later date.

When you have checked the above information and are ready to submit it to us, please click Submit to Build Apps. Please be aware that submitting this information is final until the Apps pass review. Once your apps have passed initial review, you will be able to edit this information but any changes that you make will require an app update, taking time for that to pass review.

If you have made a mistake after submitting the information, you will not be able to edit the information yourself. If you need to make a change, contact