We want to make it as easy as possible to curate your content in the way that you want. Sometimes you may want the same file to be in more than one collection, for example a video that is relevant to another collection or a track that you want to be on multiple albums. By adding existing content to another collection you can avoid creating new content or uploading new files.

We'll show you how to do this with some Audio content, but the principle is the same across all content types.


Adding new content to a collection.

When uploading from the dashboard you can toggle off the 'Automatically create a new collection' option and select one or more collections by clicking 'Add collection'.



Add existing content to another collection


If you have content on one collection that you wish to add to another one, open the collection with the content you are moving and select the content.






Scroll down to the 'Collections' section of the content form. Click 'Add Collection' and

select the collection you would like to add it to. You can also remove

 the content from any of the collections using the minus symbol.