Getting your apps built, submitted and approved in the app stores

Invite SupaPass to Your Apple Developer Account

Before starting. Steps 1 & 2 in this article (and all of the subtasks) should be complete. Once the Apple Developer Program Account has been created for your organization, and the annual membership h…

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Link to your Apple App Store

Once your account with the Apple App store is created, you’ll need to accept the paid terms on Apple App Store connect: Visit Head to Agreements Tax and Banking. Fill in an…

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Link to your Google Play Store

Before linking your Google Play Store. The process of linking the android app is a bit lengthier than linking your Apple account. First, follow this Google Support article to create a Payments Profil…

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Submit your ‘App Builder’ form to build the apps in your app stores

Our App Builder form makes submitting your apps to the Apple App and Google Play Stores a breeze - we do all the heavy lifting for you. Head to App Builder (left menu in CUSTOMIZE section). Fill in t…

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Apple Small Business Program

Commission in the App Store. Apple takes a 30% commission on all of your in-app subscriptions by default. This is significantly higher than the fees charged by Stripe, but can be reduced to 15% on yo…

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