Customizing the look and feel of your site

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To edit your Landing Page

  • Head to Website Builder (left menu in CUSTOMIZE section)
  • Click Set Page Details (top left of the screen) 
GIF of cursor navigation choosing website builder > set page details

It's easy to edit your page details!

Page Styling

Image of Page Details part of the screen showing two buttons: cancel and save

SupaPass makes it easy to change your font, round button corners, add an image and adjust your SEO settings!

Don't forget to save you changes. See that beautiful blue button at the top of the page? That will do it!

Choose from more than a thousand fonts to customize your website landing page to personalize your brand, using Google fonts for the one that fits your brand.

GIF of Page Details portion and how to choose a new font.

Top Tip: The top-option (Sans-Serif) is the default font, if you'd like to reset your font.
Note: The header and footer are excluded from font changes.

Button rounding

Your buttons are square by default. You can make the corners rounder according to your preference. Slide the bar to the right to round your button corners more. There are six options from left to right.

Image shows six button sizes going from least round to most round.
Page theme

You can change the theme for the home page, choose from light, dark or the default setting. This will only change the home page theme, you can change the theme of the website and apps on the Branding tab.

SEO Settings

Page Title

This shows in the browser tab. It's usually your brand name but it can be customized.

Screen shot of the url bar and where the page title would be shown.
Meta Description

The meta description is important for your SEO as it helps search engines find your website. It usually displays below the website link in a search ranking.

Image shared with your site


This is the image that will be shared when your website is shared on social media.

Publish this page

You can toggle the page published status here. Toggled off? A blank page will be shown to visitors.

We'll make sure you really want to unpublish the page if you toggle this button off.

Are you sure? If so, you'll have to type the word.

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