Collect email addresses in return for free content access

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If you’d like to add gated content where it’s FREE but your audience must login to play/read it, this is a great way to capture email addresses.

It is more natural and organic than a sales funnel landing page with a lead magnet e.g. free ebook.  Instead invite your audience to become a member, login to write comments and tell you what they think, access a free content series, or other benefits.  Depending on their marketing preferences, you’ll be able to email them when you have new content, or even send them a push notification if they have your app.  It’s a very powerful way to build deeper engagement!

This is a great opportunity to build a deeper long-term relationship with your audience.  Unlike on social media you’ll be able to own your audience directly and take them with you, wherever you might go in the future!

It’s really easy to set up - there’s only ONE step:

  • When you create content, add ‘Free Member’ as one of the Products on that content.

...that’s it!

Top Tip: If you want comments on your free blog/podcast you can add your podcast to two products (‘Free without login’ and ‘Free with login’) which will mean it will be free to play the podcast without logging in, but to comment they’ll need to login, so it’s a great way to deepen the relationship by getting their email address, in a natural organic way!

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