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Why won't my podcast episodes display cover art in the dashboard?

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First off, there's no need to worry if podcast artwork isn't showing for each episode in the dashboard. As long as there is a List cover image set your users will see your usual artwork. Read on to find out more about this issue.

3 podcast episodes in a collection that do not have cover images

Why artwork doesn't appear for some episodes

When you import a podcast using the search box, we import the matching podcast from Apple Podcasts feed. The feed includes many tags that allow us to identify and import information from the feed and display it correctly in the SupaPass dashboard and to your users, this includes all of the episode notes, the cover art for the feed as a whole, and any custom cover art for an episode.

When an episode appears in your dashboard without the cover image this is because the tag <iTunes:image/> hasn't been set correctly or is missing for that episode.

How do I fix this issue?

You can fix the issue by updating the image file with Apple Podcasts. If you never change your cover art for individual episodes you don't need to make any changes if your podcast List has a cover image, this is because we will show your users the List cover by default. Changes to your feed usually take around 24hrs to change across platforms.

What if my List cover hasn't imported?

This is likely because the cover has not been set correctly with your host. Contact your podcast host for more information.

I imported from a URL, what should I do?

Your host will still use an image tag for the episodes, but it could be different. Send an email to and we'll take a look!

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