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Uploading content quickly

Uploading your content is really easy. Like, ridiculously easy. 

  • Head to Content Layout (left menu in CONTENT section)
  • Click the tab for Video or Audio or Articles
  • Click Create New Video/Audio/Article (depending on which content tab you’re on)
  • Fill out the form
  • Hit Post

That’s it!

Uploading from a collection page

You can also find the form from a Collection page using the Create Content button.  

On the content creation page, you can choose to upload directly from your computer or select a file from your existing library content. Give it a name, a description, show notes, or whatever you want to share about the piece, and add a cover image if you want to. That’s it. Your content is ready to go onto your page.

Content Creation Form

The form is self explanatory but if you want to dive into the details here they are:

  1. For Video/Audio click Library to quickly select a file you’ve already uploaded or click Upload to choose a new file from your device.  For Article click Add cover image and Library/Upload to add your header image.
  2. Add your Title - this will show to all users (add Subtitle for Articles)
  3. Add Description / Body - this will show beneath the video/audio/image
  4. Add it to a Collection (content list) - either an existing one or automatically create a new one (you can edit this later). For Audio you’ll need a Cover Image for the new Collection (e.g. Album Art / Audiobook Cover / Podcast Series) 
  5. Select your Product to specify access permissions for the content (‘Free without login’ and ‘Free with login’ are defaults) - you can add more Paid/Secret Products later
  6. Publish now or later (set a date to publish later)

Advanced Settings:

  1. Make the content invisible unless users have access
  2. Use a teaser title if you want the real title hidden from those without access
  3. Add performers or Authors
  4. Include a subtitle
  5. Original Release Date (different to publishing date, if you want to show when it was first commercially released, instead of when it was published on your site/app
  6. Music: You can add lyrics and an ISRC
Don’t forget to click Post!

Uploading more than one piece of content

If you want to upload more than one piece of content at a time we recommend you follow the steps in these articles:

Start by uploading your files in one go

Creating your content - curate them into collections and categories

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Start by uploading your files in one go