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Get started now with our set up flow

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Complete your registration

Enter your First and Last name to complete your SupaPass registration.

Import your podcast

If you have a podcast you can import it now.

  1. Click 'Yes' to start importing your podcast.
  2. Search for the name of your podcast, or paste in the URL for your RSS feed.
  3. Enter additional information such as Podcast Type and average downloads, then click 'Import'.

Add your branding

Here you can add some of your essential branding, including:

  • A brand logo - this appears in the top menu of your site.
  • A square logo - used for your app icon, this defaults to your podcast cover.
  • Appearance - light or dark background for your website and apps.
  • Theme - a color for your site buttons.

You'll have the option to add additional branding later.

Choose a template

Browse our templates, select the one you like best, click 'Build Website' and your website landing page will then be created for you.

You can then customize your new website using the Website Builder. Read our article to learn about the full functionality of the Website Builder.

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Using the website builder