Sending a Push Notification

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🚀 Cut through the noise and keep your audience's attention with the power of push notifications

Push notifications are the best way to engage your members and keep them coming back to your app again and again.

There are two types of push notifications you can send:

  • Custom Push Notifications - send it any time and write anything you want
  • Automated Content Notifications - automatically scheduled to send when content is published (custom message or automated message, and can also be sent by email and to socials)

Before sending push notifications you need to ensure you've hooked up your Firebase account

Send custom push notifications

To send your first push notification, you’ll need to log into your app on a mobile device using your SupaPass CMS credentials. This is to trigger a preview feature that will send an initial message just to your device, allowing you to check how the notification will look to your users.

Once that has been done, here’s how to send custom push notifications:

  1. Log in to your Admin Dashboard and click your site/app
  2. Head to Notifications (left menu in USERS section)
  3. Enter a title for your notification (50 characters or fewer)
  4. Enter a message 3-280 characters long to be sent as a push notification. You can also add emojis from the emoji picker!
  5. Select an audience for your notification. You can select specific types of user.
  6. Press preview. There should be a preview come through to your device. After 20 seconds you can send the notification out to your users.

Didn't receive a preview to your device? Push notifications will not be received if you have the app open on your device, exit the app or lock your device and try again. If you continue to have issues with push notifications please contact

Just some pointers about sending notifications:

  • Push notifications work best to highlight your content uploads and special releases. Don’t go overboard, as you can overwhelm your audience and have them silence notifications coming from your app!
  • Keep in mind that notification previews can cut your text short. Use the first words of your message to hook your audience into opening the notification.
  • Once the app is opened, the push notification will disappear from the device.
  • We do not currently support deep linking, so push notifications cannot be used to link to a specific piece of content or to a webpage outside of the app.

Before sending any push notifications to your audience, we recommend reading the Apple Review Guidelines and Google Store developer content policy.

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