Connect Facebook Pixel to your SupaPass website

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Facebook Pixel allows you to analyse the success of your ads that link to your SupaPass website. Before getting started you will need the following:

  • A Facebook account
  • An active Facebook page
  • A payment card (for placing Facebook ads)

Setting up an advertisement

  1. On your facebook page click the 'Promote' button
  2. Click the option to promote your website
  3. Enter the information for your advertising campaign
  4. There should be an option to toggle on a Facebook pixel. Toggle this on and select 'get started'.
  5. Click developer instructions and copy your Pixel ID
  6. Open the SupaPass Integrations tab and paste the Pixel ID into the Facebook Pixel ID field, we'll handle the rest.

Testing the connection

To finish connecting SupaPass and Facebook Pixel you will need to test the connection.

First follow facebook’s instructions, repeated here:

  1. Go to Facebook's Events Manager.
  2. Select your Pixel from the left menu.
  3. Open the Test vents tab and Paste the url of the homepage for your SupaPass site into the test browser events field.
  4. Check that the event is successful before proceeding.

Submitting your advertising with Pixel

Facebook Pixel takes a few hours to start bringing in analytics to its dashboard. You may wish to wait for a few hours before proceeding with the next steps.

When running an ad campaign with a link to your SupaPass website, just tick the 'Pixel' option!

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