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Set up the SupaPass Trigger

  1. Choose app and event: Select “Update User” as the Trigger Event.

  1. Choose account: select the account you want to use.
Top Tip: Don’t forget to name each connection clearly - we suggest using the app’s name as the connection name!
  1. Set up trigger: Under the Zap Name field give your Zap a name - make it descriptive so you can find it easily in the logs inside your SupaPass account dashboard e.g. “Update User”
WARNING: Leave the Receive Historic Data On First Trigger field set to “False” - there’s a warning note underneath explaining why. We recommend only changing this if you are familiar with using Zapier and don’t have many historic users to pull into your CRM.
  1. Test Trigger: Click continue, just to check everything is working. If not, check all the previous steps carefully, and if the problem persists contact us at support@supapass.com

Set Up The Action To Your CRM of Choice

Once again select the “Add/Update Subscriber in Mailchimp” (or your CRM’s equivalent), connect to your CRM account as described above.

Set up action: We recommend setting the Update User action up exactly the same as for the New User Action. It should look like this.

Test your Zap and turn it on!

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