Creating discount codes on Stripe

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You can create codes to give your customers special discounts on your content, these discounts are handled solely through Stripe, so before you set up coupons you need to have your Stripe account connected to your SupaPass app. Once you have them connected follow these steps:

  1. Login to Stripe
  2. From the left menu, click 'Products' and then 'Coupons'.
  3. Above the table of coupons, click the 'New' button.
  4. Give the coupon an appropriate name and ID.
    1. For the Name you'll want to describe what the coupon is ("1 Month Free" or "10% Annual")
    2. The ID however is what will be used as the redeemable coupon code, so make sure to add what you want the code to be in the ID "Optional" field or Stripe will generate a random ID. If you are happy for Stripe to generate a random ID for you to use as the redeemable coupon code, leave that field blank.
    The Stripe ID is the value your user will want to enter for the coupon. This value is case sensitive, too!
  5. Select the type of discount - percentage or fixed.
  6. The coupon applies to all your products by default unless you choose to 'Apply to specific products'.
  7. Set a duration for the coupon. 'Forever' will apply the coupon to every bill, or you can set the coupon to only apply just once or to a certain number of months.
  8. Choose to set any limitations on your coupons such as a limit on the number of times the coupon can be used.

If you want to give access to your content without taking payment method details, or give access to secret products you can always use Codes.

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