Integrate with Google Tag Manager

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Google Tag Manager may interfere with Google Analytics if both are present. We recommend removing Google Analytics from SupaPass and adding it to Google Tag Manager once you have installed it.

Introducing Google Tag Manager

SupaPass now supports Google Tag Manager, allowing you to easily add additional integrations such as popups, lead magnets and tracking pixels.

Adding Google Tag Manager

  1. Sign up for Google Tag Manager using your Google Account.
  2. Select the 'Web' container to set up, with your domain name as the container name and agree to the Terms of Service Agreement.
  3. You'll be presented with a box prompting you to install GTM using code, you can ignore and close this box. Instead, copy your GTM token, it will be 'GTM' followed by a some letters and numbers e.g. GTM-ABCDEF1.
    Browser window highlighting the location of the google tag, the letters G T M followed by random letters and numbers
  4. In your SupaPass Dashboard, open the Integrations tab and then 'Analytics'.
  5. Paste the token into the GTM field and click save.
    The GTM token is pasted in to the GTM box in supapass analytics

You're now all set up! Simply add new tags to Google Tag Manager and they will be added to your SupaPass website.

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