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No domain? No problem! Set up a free domain

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Already have a domain name? Contact us to upgrade, or read our guide to set up your own domain.

.xyz - Your preview domain

Every SupaPass website starts out with a free * domain. Your starting .xyz domain is unlisted, so anyone with the address can access it but it won’t be picked up by search engines. This is great for when you're getting set up and want to preview your website before you launch, but once you're ready you'll need something people can find.

supapass preview website highlighting the .xyz domain and the pinned message at the top of the page which reads 'this is your preview site and is not indexed by search engines'

On our free website plan, or don't have a domain yet? Follow the steps below to set up a free domain!

.io - Your live website

Setting up your .io domain is simple and only takes a few steps.

  1. From the left menu, open Settings.
  2. Click the 'Add Domain' button.
    the settings tab, highlighting the 'Add Domain' button
  3. Select 'Create Free SupaPass Domain' and enter the name you want to use, followed by ''. Then click 'Create Domain'. The domain should now show as published, like this:
    domain is listed with the status 'connected'
  4. Your website is now available on the new domain with the preview message removed.
    home page of the website at a .io address, the preview message no longer displays


If your requested SupaPass domain is not being accepted this may be because the domain includes a restricted word, or is already taken. Please try another domain or contact

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Setting up your website on your own domain or subdomain

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