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If you don't yet have a Google Analytics account, there are details below on how to set one up.

You can add Google Analytics directly from your SupaPass Admin Dashboard.

  1. Head to Integrations in the left menu.
  2. Click Analytics tab.
  3. Add your Google Analytics Token (from your GA account).
  4. Click Save.

And that's it!

We've upgraded to Google Analytics version 4

This is a major upgrade to the way that analytics can be tracked, in line with the rapid changes in online privacy. You can read more here.

With major shifts in consumer behavior and privacy-driven changes to longtime industry standards, current approaches to analytics aren’t keeping pace... It’s privacy-centric by design, so you can rely on Analytics even as industry changes like restrictions on cookies and identifiers create gaps in your data. The new Google Analytics will give you the essential insights you need to be ready for what’s next.

Set up your Google Analytics account

To set up Google Analytics for your account, go to and click the button to get started.

  1. Enter an account name of your choosing, you may wish to name this after your SupaPass app.
  2. Tick all the account data sharing settings, then click 'next'.
  3. Enter a Property name of your choosing.
  4. Set the reporting time zone and currency to your local zone and currency.
  5. Answer the prompted questions about your business.
  6. Tick all the analytics types that you would like to collect.
  7. You will then be prompted to accept the google analytics terms of service agreements. Remember to select your own region for this.
  8. You are now registered.

Next, connect Google Analytics to your SupaPass website

Set the web data stream to start collecting data.

  1. In Google Analytics, enter the URL for your SupaPass website and name your stream, click 'create stream'.
  2. Copy your measurement ID.
  3. Open your SupaPass Admin Dashboard and head to Integrations in the left menu.
  4. Under Analytics, paste your token into the Google Analytics field. Click save.

Your Google Analytics is now connected to your SupaPass website. You will already be able to see activity from the ‘Realtime’ tab in Google Analytics. There are lots of guides online on how make the most of your Google Analytics account, including a number of articles from Google.

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