Connecting SupaPass to Sendinblue

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Before you can get started on creating Zaps for Sendinblue, you'll need to follow all of the preparatory steps below.

Set up your Zapier account

To send data from SupaPass you'll need a Zapier account. The free tier is suitable for most starter uses, but you can find out more about Zapier's pricing structure here.

Connect SupaPass to Zapier

First time using Zapier? Follow our step by step guide to connect SupaPass.

Set up your Sendinblue account

You'll want to set up a Sendinblue account before you start creating Zaps. Simply sign up on their website and select the free plan to get started.

Connect Sendinblue to Zapier.

  1. In your Zapier account, select 'My Apps'. Then click the 'Add Connection' button.
  2. Search for 'Sendinblue', click the option and a new window will open requesting an API key.
  3. In your Sendinblue account, follow these steps to find your API key.
  4. Copy your API Key and paste it into the Zapier window, then click continue. You may also want to keep this API key for future reference, store it somewhere secure such as a password manager.

You now have a Zapier connection set up that you can use in all of your Zaps!

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