Importing your blog from an existing RSS feed

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You can automatically import a blog from a blog RSS feed.  How effective this is depends on your Blog Host, as they are often quite inconsistent and, unlike Podcasts RSS which have standards that work well, blog RSS feeds don’t always work if they haven’t been set up correctly on your blog source.

If you have hundreds of blog posts this is a useful feature.  If you only have a dozen blog posts we recommend uploading the articles directly to your SupaPass Admin Dashboard instead of using RSS, as you will be able to easily edit them here in one place with your other content, and it will only take a few minutes to upload a dozen articles.  

If you still want to use the Blog RSS importer, here’s how you can do it within seconds:

  1. Head to RSS Import (left menu CONTENT section)
  2. Click the Blog tab
  3. Paste the RSS Feed URL for your blog - contact your blog host if you want help to know how to get your Blog RSS Feed. 
  4. Select Products to control access (recommend ‘Free without login’ and ‘Free with login’ for blogs) - you can add more Products later. 
  5. Check box Ready to Publish
  6. Click Import
  7. That’s it!
Top Tip: RSS content automatically updates when you update your blog on your Blog Host - you cannot make changes here in the dashboard as they will be overwritten as soon as your RSS feed is updated.  To change information on the blog please do that directly on your Podcast Host and it will automatically be updated on your SupaPass app.
Only the first image from your blog will be imported, as articles currently only support one image.

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