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What is Group License?

Group licenses allow you to give free access to a group of individuals that share the same email domain. This is useful if your customers are organisations that have many users that need to get access without paying individually.

Do you need to give access to lots of users with different domains? E.g. attendees from an event? Use unique invitation links instead!

How to set up a Group License

In essence you can register your domain “” and then anyone who has an email under that may access the content for free. “” can signup to the channel and, once verified, will have access to the product you have chosen.

Here is how it’s done:

  1. Open your admin dashboard, and navigate to the tab on the left called “Codes”.
  2. Once in Codes, select the option at the top titled “Group Licenses”.
  3. Select “Create Group License” and type the name of your domain. Be sure to read the instructions above the box so you know what to type in.
  4. Enter a license name, ideally something that relates to the organisation the license will apply to.
  5. Select which products the users under this domain may access. Note that you can select multiple products for one license instead of creating multiple licenses to access to individual products. 
  6. Click Save.

Once this is done, any user that registers and verifies their email with this domain will have access to the content you have specified. Because this covers the full domain, this also means any users that join your domain later down the line will still be able to use this.

If you ever wish to cancel the Group License, simply click “Edit” on the group license in question, and check “End license for all users”. 

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