Setting up a Secret Space

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Secret Space is an exciting feature for when you have content that you don’t want anyone to know exists in your site/app until they have been given special access by you.

Why would you want to use this? There are lots of examples but here are a few ideas:

  • You may be doing group coaching where you record the zoom session and want to share it privately with that cohort only
  • You may have some music releases that you only want to share with journalists or sync music supervisors before the commercial release
  • You may want to share content internally in your company without public access

...and many other examples and ways to use this powerful feature.

So how does it work?

  1. Create your ‘Secret Member’ product using the same steps as for a paid product, but selecting ‘Secret Member’ from the ’Access Type’.
  2. Add your content to your secret product.
  3. Invite your users to access your Secret Space and all the content inside it with an invitation link.  You can use a unique link per person (recommended for private content) or you can use a promotional link where everyone can use the same link (not recommended for Secret Space but easier to share as it’s the same link for everyone - good for promotions where you want to create FOMO (fear of missing out) e.g. available to the first 100 people to sign up!  You can read about how you can make unique invitation links in our growth section.

Secret Products give free access to content to a select group of users. These products or content will not be displayed, cannot be purchased and are only accessible through an invitation link or access code that you’ll set up to distribute to your intended audience.

Top Tip: If you want PAID access to secret content, instead use a Paid Product and simply make the content invisible in the Product Settings. Easy. This is because Secret Products cannot accept payments since they are completely invisible by design. 

Creating a secret product is the same as any other product, simply select ‘Secret access’ when choosing the access type and complete the product setup as you have done before. Since Secret Products are not purchasable, you won’t need to set a pricing plan, but instead you’ll have to set up an invitation link.

Steps for setting up a Secret Space:

  1. In the left menu, in the Commerce Section, click Products.
  2. On the Products page on the right click ‘Create Product’ button.
  3. For Access Type choose ‘Secret access’  (learn about the types of content access).  You need a 'Secret access' product if you want the product and content to be invisible without access.
  4. Add your Product Name - a short name so you’ll easily see which product to add your secret content to.  
  5. The Product Web Link is a short code/word internally to identify your secret space. This can’t be changed.
Other settings:
  1. Add all new content to this product automatically. To save you time you may want to automatically add new content to this product. When you create content the form has some products already ticked. If this is toggled on, you’ll still be able to untick that product for any content that you don’t want to include, but if you’ll be adding lots of content to this product it can save you time to have the product pre-selected on the content creation screen (so turn this toggle on).  You can un-toggle this later once your product creation is complete.  More than one product can have this toggled on at the same time.
Top Tip: Be aware that if a piece of content is on this ‘Secret access’ product AND on another visible product then the content will not be hidden unless it is ONLY on a Secret Product.
  1. Add a product image. This is a landscape rectangular image to showcase the product.  The ratio is the same as a video thumbnail, ratio 16:9. Your Audience doesn’t see this for a Secret Product - this image will just help you to easily pick the product when adding content inside your dashboard.  You can leave it blank.
  2. Set the Short description and Product Summary. Your Audience doesn’t see these for a Secret Product - this will just help you to easily pick the product when navigating your products inside your dashboard.  You can leave it blank. 
  3. Publishing. Do you want to publish straight away or later?  Pick a date when your product will be available. By default it’s set to publish immediately, but you can choose a future date.
Don’t forget to click ‘save’!

Next get started with uploading your content to your new secret space and setting up your invitation links!

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