Setting Up Common Zaps

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SupaPass uses our own custom integration with the popular third-party platform, Zapier, to help you update and manage your email lists in supported, common CRMs (e.g. Mailchimp, Drip).

After connecting SupaPass to Zapier we recommend setting up 5 different "Zaps" to get the most out of your user base:

  1. New User* - Add users to your CRM when they register an account on your SupaPass website or app.
  2. Update User - if your user changes their information, such as a new email address or username.
  3. New Subscription - When your user purchases a new product.
  4. End Subscription - When your user's subscription to a product ends.
  5. Delete User* - When your user is removed from SupaPass they are also removed from your CRM lists.

* These Zaps are mandatory. New User allows you to collect user information for the other Zaps, whilst Delete User is required to remain compliant with relevant GDPR legislation. Once set up, please keep these Zaps on.

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Connecting SupaPass to Zapier