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Add New Contact Zap for Sendinblue

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Set up the SupaPass Trigger

  1. Choose app and event: After connecting the SupaPass Zapier integration to your SupaPass account you can select the Trigger Event from the dropdown underneath in the Zapier “Zap Editor” window. Select “New User” and press Continue.

  1. Choose account: select the account you want to use. If you only have one SupaPass app there’ll only be one to choose from in the dropdown menu. For clients with multiple accounts, if you repeat the connection steps for each of your SupaPass accounts, you may select the one you wish to use in this Zap from the list.
Top Tip: Don’t forget to name each connection clearly - we suggest using the app’s name as the connection name!

  1. Set up trigger: Under the Zap Name field give your Zap a name - make it descriptive so you can find it easily in the logs inside your SupaPass account dashboard e.g. “New User”
    (Tip: we recommend using the Trigger Names - it’s what we do for our own apps!).
WARNING: Leave the Receive Historic Data On First Trigger field set to “False” - there’s a warning note underneath explaining why. We recommend only changing this if you are familiar with using Zapier and don’t have many historic users to pull into your CRM.

  1. Test Trigger: Click continue, just to check everything is working. If not, check all the previous steps carefully, and if the problem persists contact us at

Set Up The Action To Sendinblue

If an Action is not already present, click the Blue “plus” button beneath the trigger (directly underneath where it says “Close” in the screenshots above).

  1. Search for 'Sendinblue' and select 'Add or Update Contact' as the Action Event.
  2. Select your Sendinblue account, then click continue. If this is not visible, make sure you have first connected the account using the API key.
  3. Fill in the required fields:
    1. For Email, insert the 'Email Address' data
    2. For lists, add your preferred list. If you haven't created one yet, use the default.
    3. Set Updated Type to 'Add'
  4. Map your attributes using the instructions in the Zap set up. You can Match FIRSTNAME and LASTNAME to First Name and Last Name data inserts, custom variables such as usernames and Marketing options must be added to Sendinblue before testing the Zap.
    Some of your users may not be opted into marketing, whilst you may need to contact these users for legitimate interest reasons you should segment them by marketing preferences. Follow these instructions to create a custom attribute called MARKETING, then add the Attribute to the Zap with the SupaPass data insert ‘Opted In To Marketing’.
  5. Click Continue, and then Test & Continue. A sample contact will be sent to Sendinblue.
  6. Turn the Zap on, then set up the Update User Zap for Sendinblue.
Having issues? Take some screenshots of the error and send an email to

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Connecting SupaPass to Sendinblue

Update User Zap for Sendinblue