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Do you support other languages?

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We understand the importance of doing business in your own language, which is why we've introduced Localization as a Beta feature. All new SupaPass websites default to US English as standard, but can be changed by request to another language.

Supported languages

Which languages do you support?

We currently support US English as a default, with Beta localization for Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.

Can you support other languages?

We'd love to add additional languages! Please get in touch and let us know more about your needs.

Can you translate everything on my website?

Currently we translate the various elements on the page (such as buttons) to your requested language. We do not currently provide machine translations of your content, instead users can translate the page using a browser extension.

Why are my emails still in English?

Some of the framework is in English, so some system emails and other infrastructure will remain in English.

But the important things for you and your users can be in the language you set: your content, your landing pages, your products, etc. can be in any language and script.

Full Internationalization is on our product roadmap.

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