Importing your podcast from an existing RSS feed

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Just need to import a one episode from a feed? See our article on importing individual episodes.

You may have already imported your Podcast when you first signed up.  You may have more podcasts you want to add.  You can do this within seconds!

  1. Head to RSS Import (left menu in CONTENT section).
  2. Enter Your Podcast Name - It automatically finds it (or paste the RSS Feed URL for your podcast).
  3. IMPORTANT - specify if it’s Audio or Video (getting this wrong can make a mess).
  4. Select Products to control access (recommend ‘Free without login’ and ‘Free with login’ for podcasts) - you can add more Products later. 
  5. Check box Ready to Publish.
  6. Click Import  - it will be done in seconds!

That’s it!

Top Tip: This content automatically updates when you update your podcast on your Podcast Host - you cannot make changes here in the dashboard as they will be overwritten as soon as your RSS feed is updated.  To change titles or show notes please do that on your Podcast Host and it will automatically be updated here.
The only field you can update directly here is the image for an individual episode. To do this go to the List in the Content Layout screen. In the list, click the episode you want to edit and you click Library/Upload to choose a different image.  

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