Creating your content - curate them into collections and categories

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Before you begin...

If you want to quickly upload one piece of content it’s easy and quick - go to this article

If you want to upload lots of content below we guide you how to make a gorgeous intuitive content experience!

Please make sure first that you’ve:

  1. Set up your products and content access permissions
  2. Started by uploading your files in one go

Curating your content

Now those are done, it’s time to master creating a professional layout for all your content - the good news is we do all the heavy lifting for you - you just click a few buttons and it’s all automatically done for you! 

On the Content Layout screen we help you make your content laid out like on Netflix / Amazon Prime / Spotify with the familiar ‘Categories’ Layout you’ll know from all your favourite streaming platforms.

Here's how you do it:

On your site/apps content shows on three pages/tabs:

  • Video
  • Audio
  • Articles
Top Tip: You can rename these e.g. Podcasts, Courses, Blogs (but remember where to go to add more audio, videos, and articles respectively as these will still always be your audio, video and articles tabs).  

On each of these pages you can arrange your content into:

  • Categories = Section of Collections (topics in sections down the page)
  • Collections = List of Content (like playlists/collections/albums that collect a series of content in a list)

Each Category contains Collections

Each Collection contains Content

Sounds confusing?  It’s actually really simple.  Follow this example:

My course title is the Category - titled ‘Making Your Content Awesome’.
It has four modules - each is a Collection titled ‘Module 1-4’
Each Module (collection) has five videos ‘Lesson 1-5’

Collections could be a music album, an audiobook, a TV series or many other things, and is a powerful way to arrange your content into content lists (collections) and sections (categories)

Now that we’ve got that covered, here’s how you get started:

  • Head to Content Layout (left menu in CONTENT section)

You’ll first make your category, then your collection, then your content.

In most cases before you get to this screen you’ll already have created your Products (if you want to control access) and Uploaded your files in one go (to save you time for lots of content).  That is our recommendation although you can do things in other orders if you want.  E.g. if you just want to add one piece of content on the go read this article instead.

New Category
  • Click Create Category (top right button) to add a new section on the page
  • Add the Category Name and hit Save

New Collection
  • Click Add Collection in the Category you want
  • Select an existing collection or click Create New Collection button
  • Complete the form and hit Save (read about Create New Collection form here)

New Content
  • On the Content Layout screen go to the tab for the content type you want (i.e. Video, Audio, Article - note if you’ve renamed the tabs remember which is which)

There are two routes to create new content:

  • Route 1: Click Create New Video/Audio/Article (depending on which content tab you’re on)
  • Route 2: Click the collection you want to add the content to, and click Create Content (button on the right part way down the page)
  • Complete the Create Content form (read about Create Content form here)
  • Hit Post

And that’s it!

You can drag the order of the Categories up and down to change the order of each section.

You can change the order of the Collections within each Category by clicking edit on the Category and dragging the order of the collections around.  

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