The four types of access - free, gated, paid, secret

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Before uploading your Content, let’s discuss who and how you want your audience to access your content.  Do you want Content to be free, free with a login, paid subscription, one-time-payment, or private in a secret space?

If you want all your content to be 'free without login’ or ‘free with a login’ you can skip this section and go straight to ‘upload your content’ as you’ll already have the two free product types created and available to you when you create content.

If you want to provide paid or secret content, follow the simple steps in this section of the Knowledge-Hub before you begin uploading your content, so that you can easily select them when you create content.  Pricing and Stores Setup can be done after the content, but Product Settings need to be set up before you create paid or secret content.

The four types of content

Choose how you want your audience to access your content.  There are four options:

  • Free without login: - anyone visiting your site/app can read and play your content without logging in.
  • Free with login: content can be accessed for free by registering/logging in. Collect email addresses in return for content access.  
  • Paid access: Add a paywall to your content.  This can be a subscription on your website/apps or a one-time-purchase on your website.  You can create lots of paywalled products e.g. a course, a members subscription tier, sell an audiobook, etc. Each piece of content can be in more than one product if you want.  
  • Secret access: Create a private space for content that you want hidden from public view.  This content is invisible unless you give your user a unique invitation link to access the secret space, e.g. zoom recordings from a training session. 
Top Tip: If you want comments on your free blog/podcast you can add your podcast to two products (‘Free without login’ and ‘Free with login’) which will mean it will be free to play the podcast without logging in, but to comment they’ll need to login, so it’s a great way to deepen the relationship by getting their email address, in a natural organic way!

Next step: You already have a Free Member and Free Visitor product created so you can use those on content straight away. Follow the steps for creating your Paid Product or Secret Product to get started with paid/secret content.

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