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Why does my text look like that?

Sometimes you may visit a page on your website and see dark text on a dark background.

This can happen when your default theme is dark and you paste text from one place (such as a word document or another website) into your SupaPass dashboard. The text retains the original dark text on light background formatting and does not display well on your website. Read on to find out how you can fix this issue.

How can I fix my text?

There are a couple of options for fixing this issue, read on to find the correct solution for you.

Clear formatting

If you have no or minimal formatting in the text then you can highlight the text and click the clear formatting button. This will clear all the formatting and you can add back any formatting you need manually.

text editor bar displaying the location of the clear formatting option at the end

Paste the text without formatting

This is best practice when pasting anything into SupaPass.

  1. Copy the text, either from the original source or the textbox in the SupaPass Dashboard.
  2. Paste using the paste without formatting shorcut
    1. On Windows this is Ctrl+Shift+V
    2. On Mac this is Command+Shift+V
  3. Use the text editor in SupaPass to add any formatting.

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