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Claim your website with Google Merchant Center

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What is Google Merchant Center?

Google Merchant Center is a service that allows you to promote your products on Google for free. It's usually for physical products, but can also be used for digital products.

Do I need a Google Merchant account?

You'll only need to set up a Google Merchant account if you're on one of our App Plans and would like to set up an Android app, this account is used to distribute payouts from your Google Play Subscriptions.

It's completely optional! To find out more about how Google Merchant could benefit you, click here.

How do I connect Google Merchant Center?

We don't provide a direct integration with Google Merchant Center, instead this is handled as a tag using Google Tag Manager. You'll first need to set up Google Tag Manager and connect it to your SupaPass dashboard.

Once you've set up Google Tag Manager, follow these steps to verify your website in Google Tag Manager.

Make sure that your Google Merchant Center and Google Tag Manager accounts are registered to the same Google Account.

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