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Benefits of SupaPass to Content Owners

Last Updated: Oct 19, 2017 04:42PM BST

Why should I use SupaPass?

SupaPass is the fair trade streaming app that gives you your own subscription paywall for your audience.

  • SupaPass gives you a subscription paywall to make money from your content
  • SupaPass unlocks better income from streaming for you
  • SupaPass is a home for your audience to be together and share the passion
  • Your own ready-to-launch app with our powerful technology, without the costs...
  • A special hub where you have complete control from price to content
  • A place for your audience to finally find everything in one place
  • SupaPass gives your superfans a chance to support you

What is SupaPass?  How does it work?

Simple. SupaPass gives any Content Owner their own subscription streaming service

  1. Your audience subscribes to you from £1/month.  You set your own subscription price for your audience, you’re in control.
  2. 85% or 100% net rev share goes directly to you (rights holders).  You choose which revenue share deal your want.
  3. You choose what to offer your audience::Stream: access all your audio & video from any device with a simple login
    Mobile apps give offline streaming, playlists, favourites, etc
    Buzz: all your social media feeds/content pulled into one place
    VIP: (optional) videos, photos, archives, blogs and more
  4. Other features including live-video-chat, merch, tickets, competitions
  5. You get paid!

Choose your own branded app or your own subscription service within the SupaPass app


Why will my audience use SupaPass?     

Our iOS and Android apps lets them stream your content on-the-go, so they can access it whenever and wherever they want, on all their devices. SupaPass was developed with your core audience in mind and lets you give your audience a home where you can deliver the content they enjoy.

With SupaPass your audience has unlimited access while you earn a fair share for your content.


Can you build me my own app?

Yes, we can. We offer a whitelabel service to create your app for you.  But if you aren’t quite ready you can still have all our tech at your fingertips with one of our ready-to launch channels, for less than you spend on your mobile phone in a month.

And when you’re ready to upgrade, we can seamlessly add your existing subscribers and content to your own branded app, so you can enjoy both at a fraction of what it would cost to develop your own streaming app.


What platforms is SupaPass available on?


The SupaPass app is currently available for iOS, Android, iPad and on the web.


How much can I earn?


Are you tired of tiny micro-payments from streaming services?  Wish you could get paid for your content like a CD/DVD sale?  On SupaPass that’s what you can get!


Each of your subscriber’s yearly streaming subscription gives you (the rights holders) around the same payment you would earn from a new CD/DVD sale every year.


SupaPass unlocks better revenue from streaming for you, paying you better per subscriber than most other streaming models!


Why is SupaPass the fair trade streaming app?


As musicians, we created SupaPass to help creators and content owners earn good revenue from their content again.   


We are the fair trade streaming app because your subscribers know their money is going to support your content (instead of split between 1,000s of other creators on other streaming platforms).


Also, you set the price, your audience can choose to pay more (many do!), and you earn up to 100% net revenue share.  


How much does it cost?


Our Free channels are free to set up, with no monthly fees and you get to keep 85% net revenue share from your subscriptions.


Premium channels, also free to set up, start from £20 a month, giving you the opportunity to keep 100% net revenue share.  


If you really want to go for gold, there is also the option of your own fully branded app through our premium ‘whitelabel’ service.


Why subscriptions?

Sales of physical products like DVDs and downloads are diminishing rapidly as consumers want instant access, on demand, on all their devices. With your own subscription service on SupaPass, your audience have unlimited access to all your content, online and offline, whenever and wherever they are.

For you this means a regular income from your content, while you own the relationship with them for the long-term.


Do we still own all our rights?  


Of course!  Signing up with SupaPass is the same as putting your content on Spotify, iTunes or Netflix.


You/your right holders (labels, publishers, broadcaster etc.) give us permission to host your content and to pay you. That’s it. You keep all the rights!


Is it exclusive?


No it’s not exclusive.  SupaPass is simply another retail store for your content.  You can put your content up anywhere.


You give us a nonexclusive license to host and stream your content for you.  That’s it.  

(Of course you can choose to also offer some content exclusively to your subscribers if you want - it’s totally your choice).


Do I need to do anything?   

We strive to make the process as simple and easy as possible. Send us your content: we build your channel and upload everything for you in-house. Set up is completely free of charge.  

We can help you plan and schedule your content posts, and advise on how to bring your audience across.


How quickly can I get started?

Your own subscription service can be ready to go as soon as we receive and ingest your content, giving you all the functionality, with expert support to help you launch, straight out of the proverbial box

Any questions? Contact us to find out more...

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